In this blog, I will share four different parts of my life and my study at Lehigh.

“Things About Me” can help you to know better about me.

“StepUp” will show my study process in the StepUp program.

  • In the “Speaking & Listening” page, I’ll post my presentations, vlogs and some skills that I learned in the class. Now, it included “My Hometown Tour” and “Rediscovering Lehigh’s Past” two presentations, one vlog, and two note-taking skills.
  • In the “Reading & Writing” page, there are two sub-pages. In the reading page, I’ll post my reading reflections. In the writing page, I will post my paper 1-3 on it.

“TLT 403” is the design journal about my Instructional Design course.

“Life At Lehigh” will post some of my anecdotes while studying and living at Lehigh.

Hoping it can record my study in the StepUp program, and show my improvement in study English.

I hope these pages and videos can show my growth during the StepUp program, and give some advice to students who want to take a Step Up class.

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