Kemp’s and Iterative Design are two methods that I really interested in and want focused on. Kemps’ is a method that I personally feel that people who like will really like and if they don’t like, they will really dislike it. Without a specific start and end, a newer educator might feel lost and unable to utilize effectively. With 9 steps, compare with other methods, it is too much. The reason I like it is every step is independent and without a start and end, the educator can flexibly change during the process to fit the learners’ situation. For me, this method can greatly fitts into instruments teaching. Iterative Design is another method I like. “Human-centered” is one of the most important things we should focus on education.  In last week, how to increase learners’ motivation, one is to be human-centered, figure out what they want, what they need. With 5 steps, to understand what the audience really cares about, what is their problem, and with many investments, to find out the answer. One thing that is important is never afraid of not being perfect and believe in yourself, don’t need to change because of what others said if you feel is not needed.

During my study, my best study experience is learning Sheng. This instrument is my best friend and has been with me for over 17 years. A lot of people said that learning an instrument is hard and boring. For me is the best thing in the world. I study this instrument because I like it for the first time. In primary school, my teacher chooses some students to play in the traditional orchestra. My teacher said that Sheng will fit me. It looks like a gun and I fall in love with it. During my study, I have an intrinsic motivation to it, that made me doesn’t feel tired and boring. And my teacher is prepared every level greatly and combined it with many interesting things. Because I was really young so is hard for me to understand the meaning of every sound, my teacher will play it with exaggerated behavior. For the most boring part is the practice the basic skills, my teacher said you can change notes and imagine you are making a sound, or play a sound by using a double spit(one of the basic skills). I felt that my teacher is using Kemp’s. I always think if I am teaching young kids, can I make it interesting? Can I make them be the intrinsic motivation?

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