For my instructional design model, I choose Kemp’s model to do my design. The first thing to do is to figure out and make objectives, outcomes, and plan resources. First, the objectives and outcomes need to be clarified, make sure the difference between them. To set up objectives and outcomes, educators need to follow the learning standards. Base on the standard to each grade, to make fitful objectives and outcomes.

With the learning standards for 8th-grade students and base on my experiences, I first examined my intended audience as students who has some basic about music and has an interest in learning a new instrument. After that, I identified the problem they might face during the learning process. Base on my experience and some investigations by other educators. I move to analyze subject content. The most thing is what is my objectives and outcomes. What I hope my students can learn and demonstrate after taking my course.

Making good and logical objectives and outcomes are very important, I build up my whole process based on my objectives and outcomes. Effective outcomes are the foundation of learning. While a teacher is building their objectives and outcomes, there is always a difference between the single students and class. Educators need to understand that no every student can successfully finish the objectives you set for the whole class, so educators need to change their outcomes.

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