What is Goal? Why do we need to set up goals before doing things? Since I was young, my parents ask me to set up goals for everything I plan to do. I usually set up goals that are huge and hazy, which means after finishing the thing, it can be said that I reached the goal, however, what exactly I finished and reached are not sure. In schools, our teachers also have goals for students, teachers hope their students to reach their goals at the end of the semester, there are two goals and I didn’t realize before. Teaching goals and learning goals, they are different.

Teaching goals Learning goals
What What students will know
teachers What students can do
do What students will be like

Teachers need to come up as many goals as they can, then try to find out objectives through all those goals, finally, these are the foundation for assessment. How to make goals that are effective and helpful, suits to students’ situations, there comes the need for the audience/learner analysis.

Audience and learner analysis can be divided into two main categories: Pedagogy and Andragogy. The difference between children and adults, there are huge differences. Compare to children, adults are more self-concept, they know what they want, they have a complete plan for their future, their experience can help during the learning process, they are ready to learn, and has their own orientation to learning and the most important, they are intrinsic learner, they have motivations. For children, they don’t know why what, and when about learning. Why they need to study, why study about this, what to learn, what they want, and when to start learning. For children learners, follow the teacher’s lead is the most common way of learning. However, is still need to consider special situations. No one is the same, everyone is special and unique, some students might learner sooner, while others need more time. Teachers need to consider all kinds of situations, in order to give all students the best learning experience and receive the best education.

There is no perfect, so ask students about their feelings the best way to understand what they want. Ask students who have taken the course, ask students what they want for the course, asks about their difficulties, ask what they like.

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