Personalized learning for me is the best way for learners to get knowledge and be familiar with it, turn the knowledge into their own. According to Bloom’s taxonomy (revised) theory, the process for the learning is: Remembering — understanding — applying — analyzing — evaluating — creating. The former step is the base for the next step, at last there will be affective outcomes. How to help students get a solid foundation in each step? What the teacher should do to help students to get an affective outcome?

Personalized learning is one way, teachers are more like collaborators than a teacher, students get the ownership of learning, they can choose what to do, turning learning into active learning. One thing that I feel extremely helpful is teaching others about what you learned, especially to little kids. To teach others, students need to completely understand what they learned and know how to apply it to real-life or with other knowledge they learned.  Students need to have a logic string about the knowledge, understand the cause of power. When students fully understand it, they can explain it clearly to others. Young children basically know nothing, so if the students can let the children understand it, it shows they have totally understood the knowledge.

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