Assessment is the way the teacher can figure out how the learners know about the knowledge. During the Cov-19, assessment seems much harder than before. Daugh asked me a question of how special students do assessment online, I don’t have any idea of it. Yes, for normal kids, they can do assessments like usual, they don’t need to worry about the formation or can they use online tools easily. However, for students who have special needs, things are much harder. I asked my friends who study special education about how special children do assessments online. She told me that it is very hard because the traditional assessment methods always requires a computer, internet, etc. My friend mentioned that while special students do an assessment at home, parents play an important role in it. However, still can’t get the same result as in-class. I also notice some program has the speak-to-text program, so students can use it as well. However, it is far more not enough.

During this pandemic, we could say that the tradition way of education has a great limitation. From teachers to students, and even parents are all facing a great change. What we can do to provide the same quality of education to our students, and consider all kinds of students is a great challenge.

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