The learning environment has an influence on learners, it affects the gain of knowledge. A good learning environment can help with the study. I remembered when I in high school, I put a lot of post notes on the wall where I can also see, I will write everything I need to remember on the post note. So, when I look at the wall, I can see it, I don’t have to remember it consciously, I can still remember it through my normal day. The other example of the influence of environment is when you look at the study blogger, you can see their surrounding is decorated, in that environment, they can be more focused. The other reason is, no matter which school in the world, it always followed some specific style.

When it turns to online learning, the learning environment seems less important. People spent more time online some might say that the environment is not that important. No. We still need to focus on the learning environment. The online learning part. The designs of the webpage, homework, layout need to be considered thoroughly. In this way, students can get this news naturally, when students walk through the page, they can get this information. Also, for lower grade students, they need to know how to build up an effective study environment in their room or house. There are lots to consider.


There is a no doubt that a good learning environment can improve learning.

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