We all afraid of failure, no one want to fail, however, no one can avoid failure. It just likes breathing, eating and all the other things we need to do in life, we can’t avoid it.

Many failures I had changed my life and my ideas towards things. I don’t like the failure, but I like the failure at the same time. It’s weird, I know. Each time of failure did hit me, make me depressed, bring me bad moods, I need a long time to recover from the failure. Some times the failure brings me years to recover it. Up to now, I still can’t step out of the nightmare that my failure in the university entrance exam. I still not attending any class reunion or never talk in the chat group. I felt I’m a loser at that time. However, I worked harder in the university, trying to everything the best. Is my failure in the university entrance exam can be avoided? Yes, definitely. If I study harder, be more careful in my maths exam, I will go to a better university. I analyzed the cause of my failure after I received my grades, figure out the reason why. Some people prefer that the analysis of failure is useless because it has already happened and the result is there. They avoid to face their failure, they find excuses for it. What happens to these people is more failure. Amy C. Edmondson mentions, ‘The courage to confront our own and others’ imperfections is crucial to solving the apparent contradiction of wanting neither to discourage the reporting of problems nor to create an environment in which anything goes.’ We need to set up a learning culture to learn from failure. letting students understand that failure is not something scared, is a normal thing. Everything we used today, has thousands of time failed test to make the thing we use. We often said use history as a mirror, why, we need to learn from our ancestor’s failure and avoid doing the same thing.

Failure is another meaning of success. We fail, we can learn from it, we improve it, we get what we want.

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