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Week 9 (3.16-3.22)

Personalized learning for me is the best way for learners to get knowledge and be familiar with it, turn the knowledge into their own. According to Bloom’s taxonomy (revised) theory, the process for the learning is: Remembering — understanding —… Continue Reading →

Week 9 (3.16-3.22)

3.16 Start from this week, the school change to remote classes. Safer. 3.18 my best friend successfully bought the ticket from London to Beijing. She is flying back today. Since tickets are canceled all the time, it is very hard… Continue Reading →

Week 7 (3.2-3.8)

What is design? Design is a plan that creates a product or service with the intention of improving the human experience with respect to a special problem. However, the design is not a problem-solving. Design can be creat a totally… Continue Reading →

Week 7 (3.2-3.8) Worst week ever

3.3 My grandpa past away, on my father’s birthday. Someone said when parents past away on their children’s birthday, it means they love their kids so much and want their rest of life happily. My dad said he passed away… Continue Reading →

Week 6 (2.24-3.1)

What is Goal? Why do we need to set up goals before doing things? Since I was young, my parents ask me to set up goals for everything I plan to do. I usually set up goals that are huge… Continue Reading →

Week 6 (2.24-3.1)

  2.24 Kuki has a new dish that tastes¬†sooooo good. 2.27 Dr. Farah bought us some pizza, she is the best teacher!!!ūü•≥ My families and friends are healthy. (best thing for me)

Week 3 (2.3-2.10)

2.7 Went to NewYork, visit a museum and the Barneys’ final sale.

Week 5 (2.17-2.23)

For my instructional design model, I choose Kemp’s model to do my design. The first thing to do is to figure out and make objectives, outcomes, and plan resources. First, the objectives and outcomes need to be clarified, make sure… Continue Reading →

Week 5 (2.17-2.23)

normal week, nothing special. The best thing for me is my families are all healthy.

Week 4 (2.10-2.16)

Kemp’s and Iterative Design are two methods that I really interested in and want focused on. Kemps’¬†is a method that I personally feel that people who like will really like and if they don’t like, they will really dislike it…. Continue Reading →

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