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Week 4 (2.10-2.16)

I tried to find out grateful things this week but is hard, my life is nothing special. If there must one grateful thing is, my families and friends are safe in China, none of them infect by Corona-19. And my… Continue Reading →

Week 3 (2.3-2.9)

“Designers need to find ways to spark interest, get students motivated, and engage them in their learning.”   —–Dr. Farah L. Vallera Motivation is essential to learning. Learners with motivation can focus on learning, have a passion for learning. In… Continue Reading →

Week 3 (2.3-2.9)

  2.3 Figure out how the squirrel appears in front of my window and disappeared, they can run on the wall! 2.7 NewYork, Barneys is closing, so really cheap, everything is under sale. 2.7 NewYork, visit Solomon Guggenheim museum, bad… Continue Reading →

Week 2 (1.27-2.2)

LEARNING DOMAINS AND LEARNING THEORIES  The three learning domains can be used both separately and together. While be used separately, there will always be some shortage, for it focuses mainly on one aspect. In daily educations, usually used two domains:… Continue Reading →

Week 2 (1.27-2.2)

1.27 Took my fourth dose Rabies Vaccine.

Week 1 (1.20-1.26)

1.20 Took my third dose Rabies Vaccine. 1.25 Chinese New year, which represents the start of a new year. 1.26 Rest all day.

Week 1 (1.20-1.26)

“Learning experiences are like journeys. The journey starts where the learner is now and ends when the learner is successful. (Julie Dirksen) ” So between now and successful, there is a gap, what learning is to eliminate the gap. There… Continue Reading →

Argument Paper – Final Draft

This is my last paper for the Writing and Reading class, this paper is an argument paper. In my final draft, I changed my conclusion, this is the advice Glenda and Osama gave me. This paper is about hierarchy at… Continue Reading →

Final Reflection

Final Reflection   Things might go a little different for me from other StepUp students, I’m a hybrid student and I had my first few weeks of study online and last two weeks on campus. I only have three classes… Continue Reading →

Final vlog

This is my final vlog for Speaking and Reading class, in this vlog, I give a reflection of my speaking and listening class. In this video, you can see I’m more confident than vlog1, you can also see that there… Continue Reading →

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