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Reading Reflection #4 — Summary about Wimbledon: Where Women Wait

For this week’s reading reflection, I read about Women’s equality in Tennis. In this reflection, I started to make my summary has an introduction and body part, and a conclusion.  

Reading Reflection #3 — Summary about The History of Bethlehem Steel

In this week’s reading, I read the prologue and chapter 1 in “Forging America: The History of Bethlehem Steel”. It writes the history of the flourish of the Bethlehem Steel. Learning the history of Bethlehem, helps me get better known… Continue Reading →

Reading Reflection #2 — Summary about July forth

In this week’s reading, I read about a speech given  Frederick Douglass, after reading the article, it helps me to know more about slavery’s history in America.

Reading Reflection #1— Summary about Moravians’ reading

This is my first summery written in StepUp class. The article is really hard for me. It took a long time for me to finish reading it. I’m so happy that I finished it. This reading was about Moravians’ development…. Continue Reading →

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