The Lab of Micro- and Nanotechnology for Diagnostics and Biology at Lehigh’s University was established by Professor Xuanhong Cheng, Bioengineering and Materials Science and Engineering, in January 2008. The lab is focused on developing new nano-materials and microfluidic platforms that can be used to analyze intact bioparticles, such as cells and pathogens at the point of need. These technologies are also expected to advance fundamental understanding of cell function and pathogen transmission.



The Cheng Group at Lehigh University is seeking motivated postdoctral fellow or students interested in pursuing a PhD degree in Bioengineering to join. The group focuses on developing microfluidic systems and biosensors for clinical diagnosis in body fluids. Applicants are expected to have solid math and physics background. Prior experience in microfabrication, CFD simulation, electrical sensing and tissue culture are preferrable. Interested applicants can send CV and transcript to Prof. Xuanhong Cheng at xuc207@lehigh.edu.

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