April 19

Week 8: SKS Collaboration Plan

Summary and report out on the results of the SKS exercise


  1. Drafting an agenda on what we’re going to be discussing at our group meetings
  2. Writing a list of things that we hope to accomplish (individually and as a team) each week
  3. Keeping tabs on all of our accomplishments on a google doc so that every team member is up to date with what the others are doing


  1. Meeting on a regular basis 
  2. Communicating with each other throughout the week and not just during meetings or class time 
  3. Paying close attention to the ideas and inputs of each team member 


  1. Mixing zoom links up 
  2. Forgetting to show up to meetings
  3. Leaving blog assignments for the last day

Save Tuba’s detailed Collaboration Plan for our team clearly articulating our                 Goals (Small g and Big G), Roles, Procedures, and Relationships.

Small goals 

  1. Diana: Focus on developing coding skills, garner a slightly more advanced proficiency of Russian, keep up with what the team is working on outside of app development
  2. Rubiat: Focus on developing coding skill sets to implement new features to the app and improve user experience along with having clear communication with team members outside of the app development.
  3. Yamil: Ensure Alpha validation focus groups are completed with designed protocols

Big goals

  1. Come up with a clearer plan for beta testing process
  2. Work on getting the first four levels of the app in before the end of the semester
  3. Come up with better metrics to assess the short-term impact of the app


  1. Diana: Works on coding the app, cultural specialist (understands Kazakhstan’s educational system/the general mindset of the people)
  2. Rubiat: Works on coding the app, Works closely with the design team.  
  3. Yamil: Design beta validation protocols to ensure a successful and efficient use of the limited time during the in-country experience


  1. Have a team member take notes in a shared google doc at every meeting, and assign clear action items to people so that things get done before the next meeting.
  2. Make decisions by having discussions with the whole group and reach a consensus.
  3. Communication methods:
    • Share all documents in Google Docs
    • Communicate through GroupMe
    • Meet over Zoom on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 


  1. Spend some time talking about topics that aren’t necessarily related to the venture during meetings
  2. Ensure that every team member feels comfortable sharing their opinions
  3. Make an effort to socialize outside of an academic setting (e.g. meeting up for lunch once we’re all on-campus)
  4. Be mindful of the potential scheduling difficulties/time zone differences of each teammate, and brainstorm ways to work around them such that everyone gets to attend the meetings

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