The Author

Alyssa Jennewine

An endless stream of thoughts and ideas that somehow make it from my brain to my fingers. Attending Lehigh University class of 2021 studying Anthropology with a double concentration in Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology with a double minor in English and Political Science. Content posted is written and edited by Alyssa Jennewine unless otherwise specified.




Posts under Reads & Links include my current and past favorite books, essays, ect. Useful databases and resources for Political Science and English undergraduate students are also listed and linked.

Essays posted under Literature include literary analysis of various works of art including plays, novels, short stories, and literary theory.

Argumentative and analytical pieces on different political and philosophical theories can be found under the Theory tab.

Poetry includes poetry analysis focusing on social justice and general equality. Original pieces along with deconstruction and commentary on crucial pieces of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.