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As you probably know, on February 24, at dawn, Russia launched a barbarous unprovoked military attack on Ukraine, using the full force of the #2 military machine in the world. This war has already uprooted more than 10 million Ukrainians. Thousands of civilians have died and hundreds of schools and hospitals were destroyed as the result of targeted attacks by the Russian army.

Ukraine needs your help, and it needs it now.

Unfortunately, donating physical goods here in the States is logistically inefficient because it takes months to deliver them to Ukraine (all air traffic in Ukraine was halted). The fastest and most efficient way to help is by donating money to Ukrainian and international organizations that buy supplies from the neighboring countries and deliver them to Ukraine within days.

If you would like to help, Olena and Alex Nikolsko-Rzhevskyy – two Lehigh University professors – have created a fast, safe, and efficient way to donate money to a cause of your choice – without the need to enter your credit card or tax ID information on any third-party websites. The destination organizations are physically located and active in Ukraine, and your donations will be immediately put to good use.

As your first step, please choose the cause of your choice. Then, select the form of payment (PayPal, Venmo, or Amazon gift card). Physical checks could be mailed to: Alex Nikolsko-Rzhevskyy, Department of Economics, 621 Taylor St., Bethlehem PA 18015. At the end of each week, Olena and Alex transfer the funds to the destination organizations.

Critical items and first aid kits.

This is our default category as these items have been identified as those most needed at the moment. They save lives. The items include: first aid and protective kits, tourniquets, food, medicine, and other aid. Your donations will be transferred to The Kyiv School of Economics – a US-registered charity that supplies the above items directly to the Ukrainian Paramedic Association and Territorial Defense Forces in Ukraine. Note: For Venmo transfers, the last 4 digits of the phone number are 2187.

Help children and refugees.

These funds will be directed towards helping children and other refugees in Ukraine. Depending on the immediate needs, your donations will be transferred either to Ohmatdyt (a leading children’s hospital in Kyiv) or Korporatsiya Monstrov (a leading charitable foundation in Odesa that helps children) or Tomаlogy Center (psychological help to refugees). When using PayPal or Venmo, please, add “Children” in the comments section. Note: For Venmo transfers, the last 4 digits of the phone number are 2187.

Help animals and environment.

These funds will be used to purchase food and provide shelter to animals, affected by the war. For obvious reasons, Ukrainians stopped going to the Zoos, which significantly affected their funding. Additionally, many zoos now serve as shelters for animals, abandoned or left behind during evaluation, further straining their resources. Your donations will be transferred to Odesa and Mykolaiv Zoos. When using PayPal or Venmo, please, add “Animals” in the comments section. Note: For Venmo transfers, the last 4 digits of the phone number are 2187.

*Unlike most charitable organizations, we will send all 100% of your donations to the people and animals in need. As the war progresses and the front line shifts, we reserve the right to update the list of organizations within each subgroup to include those that will put your funds to best use.

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Financial Report

DateCompleted transfers to UkraineAmount
4/10/22Surgeries for the sexually abused children$300
4/10/22 Diapers and medicine for the kids $150
4/10/22 CELOX and first aid kits for Kharkiv $170
4/10/22 First aid and protective kits, medicine$120
4/15/22Diapers, baby food, medicine for the kids$150
4/15/22 Mobile hospital for the war zone$500
4/16/22Children beds for a refugee center$100
4/18/22Food for abandoned animals in the war zone$100
4/23/22Food for 4 evacuated families with small kids$136
4/29/22Food, medicine, toys for evacuated kids$150
4/30/22Therapy for the kids from the warzone$173
4/30/22 Tourniquets and thermal scopes Kharkiv$173
5/2/22 Bulletproof vests for the frontline$200
5/5/22Donation to help a refugee family from Kharkiv$100
5/9/22A vehicle for frontline medics & special forces$2000
5/12/22Food & medicine for two kids from Azon Steel $150
5/13/22Food for a refugee from Kharkiv$36
5/13/22Food for three 4yo girls whose dad was killed$100
5/16/22Protective gear to soldiers and medics$500
5/24/22To purchase a bed for three kids-refugees$71
5/24/22First aid kits for the defenders of Mykolayiv$100
6/2/22Purchase medicine for several orphan girls$36
6/3/22Foor&medicine for the kids from Mariupol$150