Delaney McCaffrey

Delaney is studying Journalism and Computer Science Engineering with a minor in Documentary Story-making. A senior from a mall town in central New Jersey, after graduation this May, she hopes to combine her interest in technology with her love for storytelling. When not watching or making movies, you can find her making plans to someday travel the world.

Claire Silva

Claire Silva is a graduate student and teaching fellow in the English Department. She is a lifelong resident of Bethlehem, PA, and her research focuses on the rhetorical history of the relationship between Lehigh University and South Bethlehem.

The Gamble

The Gamble is a companion podcast for “Betting on Bethlehem.” In this series, you will hear stories and interesting discussion from those who live and work in South Bethlehem. Be sure to check back for weekly updates!

Brielle Paul

Brielle is currently a junior studying English and Marketing at Lehigh University. For this project, she developed a marketing plan, specifically aimed at building an online presence for the film. She has enjoyed learning about the Bethlehem community while working on this project, and is excited for everyone to finally see what the filmmakers have been working on for the past year!


Amari, real name, Donterrius Walker, is a music & film producer, documentarian, DJ, director, editor, and writer. So far, he has released two documentaries (Uhuru: Rooting our Voices [2017] & B.I.W.B. Documentary [2019], two EPs (B.O.S.Y & From Role to Self), a mixtape (Track-out Snippets Vol. 1), a podcast (Experiencing and Realizing), and an album (Barley Passing), with no hopes of slowing down. He is currently in his last semester here at Lehigh University and during his time here he helped create a recording studio on campus and DJ, multiple times, for the only Hip-Hop Theatre Show, a performance created by his mentor Kashi Johnson. He is also a 3x Williams Prize Award Winner (twice in 2018 and once in 2019), with his 2019 award being for Musical Composition, the first Hip-Hop/Spoken Word track to do so.

Caroline Kelliher

Caroline Kelliher is currently working towards her masters in English at Lehigh University. Also attending Lehigh for undergrad, she has welcomed the opportunity to work on various film projects, combining her love for digital media and storytelling with the documentary form. She’s loved learning more about Bethlehem while making this film and is excited to share it with the community!

Alexandra Gonzalez

Currently a Senior studying  Architecture and Design. My role is the Graphic Designer for the team, creating the logo, poster and marketing material. I will be continuing my Master in Technical Entrepreneurship with the school of Engineering. Fun fact: I have a dog named Mylo.

Kevin Kirner

Kevin is a documentary and fiction filmmaker who holds a Master’s in American Studies (exp May 2019) and a Graduate Certificate in Documentary Film from Lehigh University. His scholarship includes non-fiction and fiction filmmaking, critical media studies, and Digital Humanities. He is currently in production on “The Gamble,” a companion podcast to “Betting on Bethlehem,” and on his Master’s Thesis, “Reverb/erations,” a documentary film and archival website that explores the independent and DIY music scene in Bethlehem and the greater Lehigh Valley.