The Lehigh Blockchain Club is open to all Lehigh students interested in any aspect of cryptocurrency or blockchain technology/applications.  Besides organizing presentations and events, the Club provides a place where students looking to explore the crypto world can interact with students with experience in blockchain.  Members include students actively involved in blockchain research, students interested in applications in business, students interested in issues of government policy and regulation, and students interested in trading.

Club Officers (23/24 academic year):

Club Officers (22/23 academic year):

Lehigh students may join the Club via the Lehigh-internal LINC site.

The primary Club communication medium is a highly active, club-private GroupMe (over 200 members).  Contact one of the student officers of the Club to request to join the GroupMe.

(Note: Previously this club operated under the name “Cryptocurrency Club”.  The name was changed to reflect the broad focus of the club on all aspects of blockchain: technology, applications, and policy and not only trading.)