Floyd Beachum

Floyd Beachum

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Floyd Beachum
College of Education

Nominated by:
Kadia Hylton-Fraser, Stephanie Ziegmont, Tashina Khabbaz, Lauren Cicale

Comments from nominators:
Kadia Hylton-Fraser: Dr. Beachum has been instrumental in helping me navigate the academic side of Lehigh, through his insightful classes as well as exposure to information that will help me even after I graduate. Importantly, engaging in conversation with Dr. Beachum forces you to reflect more critically on your own philosophy as an educator and as a leader. He has also created many opportunities for my academic growth and development and already, I am a stronger, more confident scholar as a result. Words are insufficient to express my appreciation for his quiet patience and guiding expertise.

Stephanie Ziegmont: Both (my) mentors have been extremely helpful and supportive during the dissertation process. They have made me think deeply about my focus and purpose for the dissertation. There is no way I would have gotten this far without them both. they both created a learning environment which enables me to think, process, productively fail, and work through the tough times, has developed my professional and academic growth. I appreciate their constant and continued support, expertise, and guidance.

Tashina Khabbaz: "Dr. Beachum has continuously been a light of inspiration and encouragement during my master's and doctoral journey. I fondly recall my first class with Dr. Beachum, as he thoughtfully helped push his students to think outside of the box. Dr. Beachum's continuous guidance has positively influenced my research interest and way of perceiving the world. His leadership practice as a graduate advisor has been instrumental throughout my graduate journey. Thank you for everything you do for your students, Dr. Beachum!"

Mentor comments:
Mentoring means both helping others and giving back. It is meaningful because it is based on human connection and I was fortunate enough to have some great mentors.