Self-reflection: The Summary for a TED Talk



I believe I need to pay more attention to three things in the presentation.

First, I need to focus on the main thesis statement of the TED Talk. Although the talk is short, although the talk does not provide idea in depth, I need to summarize the talk first. I also need to provide my insights into my presentation. If I have extra time, I need to talk in depth on the same topic, such as why the issue, the poverty in American society, happens.

Second, I do not need to develop the topic into a new one, even a topic with my own familiar topic. I feel comfortable to talk about my own flied and then I choose to link poverty and education together. However, it was a bad idea. Although I stepped into my comfortable flied, in fact, I changed my topic for my own convince.

Third, I need to choose some new articles. I used a very old article ( a paper published in 1991) and it is out of data. I need to choose something new to support my point rather than use some old evidence. I am just in the flied of social science and the society is progressing. This is different from nature science.

I feel comfortable at this time to do presentation. I believe my pronunciation has changed a lot at the middle of the progress. I can construct a solid structure for my talk and this structure makes my talk comprehensible.


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