2019 Travel Team

Jack Payne, Travel Team Leader

Sophomore, Civil Engineering

“I traveled with EWB to understand the impact of the project what we plan to implement. I feel as though traveling will not only provide me the opportunity to help people, but also see how our water distribution system could effect the community from the locals perspective. I think that my goal for the trip is to make sure that we leave a good impression with the community while returning with exceptional data for social and project class. I am most excited to meet the community!”

Kelby Anderson

Freshman, Chemical Engineering 

“I looked forward to experiencing a different culture and helping to make a difference in many lives.”
Hannah Clarkson

Freshman, IDEAS

“I’m looked forward to starting this project and watching it grow and develop over the next four years of my Lehigh career.”
Dan Zeroka

Club Adviser/Engineering Technician