What is an Entrepreneur?

In Dr. Garrrigan’s Entrepreneur class, we defined an “innovative entrepreneur” as “one who creates a business or program that creates a new service with the intention of making an impact.” We also narrowed down five repeated traits of the innovative entrepreneur (VIPER):

  1. Vision – imagining how and when a particular opportunity may occur or the potential market or success of an innovation or initiative.
  2. Innovation – comes up with and identifies new ideas that could really work. Often comes from prior study or expertise.
  3. Passion – the burning desire to have an impact.
  4. Endurance/Perseverance – working hard with unwavering faith in face of difficulties,  obstacles, and failures.
  5. Risk – willing to take financial, career, and personal risks.

Given the direction of the class last night, I thought this was particularly relevant. More can be found on his website https://mentaledge.us/innovate/innovate-entrepreneur-links/

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