Study Tips for College Students

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus known as COVID-19, many schools have chosen to close their doors and administer classes from a distance, heavily relying on platforms such as Zoom and Cascade to ensure that their students are still receiving a top-notch education. Quaranting and social distancing can take a toll on a person’s mental health; adding classes to the mix can add even more stress during these frustrating times. Maintaining good health, as well as good grades, during these times is crucial. With these three tips you and the student in your life will be sure to excel during these times of social isolation.


Tip 1: Stay Organized!


In this day and age, it is far too easy to lose track of your work and get distracted – it’s even easier when you’re taking classes online and you don’t have your teachers and peers physically present to hold you accountable. Now more than ever, it is imperative to make sure that you keep your school work extra organized! If you do not already own one, I suggest buying a planner to keep track of your assignments and assessments. Make sure to take notes of your professor’s online lectures and recordings. You can also take this time as an opportunity to research your learning style and perfect it, so that when in class lectures resume, you’ll be at the top of your game. I suggest taking the VARK questionnaire if you’re interested in discovering your learning preference if you have not already.


Tip 2: Reach Out for Help!


As stated before, it’s easy to fall behind when no one is there to hold you accountable. Even though every school is handling the situation differently, many are doing everything in their power to still have access to academic resources that they normally would. For instance, if you know that your professor is holding office hours through video conference, attend them! If your campus has an academic resources office, don’t be afraid to reach out to them by sending them a quick email; I know that the tutoring program through my school is still running, just online. Even if your school doesn’t have the resources to transfer everything online, you can still reach out to your friends for help! Organize a study group and meet over FaceTime or Zoom. 


Tip 3: Take Breaks! 


Like with any form of work, taking breaks is essential to maintaining a good level of output. Setting aside a few minutes for rest and relaxing can actually be motivating. According to the Academic Success Center of OSU, taking breaks periodically can help your brain remember information more effectively. Planning 5 minute breaks, for say, every half hour of work gives you something to look forward to and work towards. Take those 5 minutes to look at something that you know will put you at ease or make you laugh. Call a friend. Watch a video on YouTube. If you’re looking to laugh, I suggest checking out this page for school-related jokes that’ll definitely tickle your funny bone.


With these tips, you’ll get through the rest of the semester, even if you’re logging into your lecture from your parents’ house.

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