The Syncretisms of el otro lado del alma

Above: Álvarez Pupo, Jorge Luis, Untitled, 2000, Gelatin silver print El otro lado del alma: Syncretisms in Contemporary Cuban Photography is the first comprehensive exhibition to showcase the influence of Afro-Cuban religion in photography and video art. This exhibition is being installed in our Main Gallery at this very moment. In anticipation of its opening on January 21, I thought… Read More The Syncretisms of el otro lado del alma

Wizard of Op Art

Richard Anuszkiewicz’s genius lies in his experimentation with color and geometric forms. Born in Erie, Pennsylvania he attended Cleveland Institute of Art. At Yale University he earned his Master of Fine Arts and began to explore optics and color. While at Yale he trained with Josef Albers whose influence can be seen in his artwork… Read More Wizard of Op Art

Kay WalkingStick, An Artist of Many Mediums

Above: Il Sogno del Cortile / (The Dream of the Courtyard), 2004 / Gold leaf, serigraph, woodcut, 5/50 / Gift of the Experimental Printmaking Institute, Lafayette College. Now on view in the Main Gallery’s exhibition thi(ink)ing. Kay WalkingStick was born in 1935 to a mother of Scottish heritage and to a father of Cherokee heritage. It would be her father’s… Read More Kay WalkingStick, An Artist of Many Mediums

Student's View of The A77A Project

Egyptian Leadership: From Sacred Pharaohs to Corrupt Politicians An Exhibition Review of Khaled Hafez’s The A77A Project: On Presidents & Superheroes Written for ART 221: Global Contemporary: Recent Art Movements Around the World by Lindsay Alexander Khaled Hafez could have been a doctor. President Nasser of Egypt, with the amount of power he possessed, could have been a… Read More Student's View of The A77A Project

Grace Hartigan, An Artist Determined

The lithograph Marie Antoinette and Cleopatra is one of many prints in LUAG’s th(ink)ing exhibition located in our Main Gallery; and it’s creator Grace Hartigan is one of many interesting characters linked to the stories behind these prints. Grace Hartigan’s strong and purposeful brush strokes mimic her bold determination to shine in the Abstract Expressionist “boy’s club” of the… Read More Grace Hartigan, An Artist Determined