Elizabeth Babbin

College of Education
Educational Leadership

Dissertation title
Examination of the Effects of a Tier Two Middle School Mathematics Intervention on Academically At-Risk Students

Dissertation advisor: Craig Hochbein

Note to Craig Hochbein:
Craig is one of just a handful of people who have truly pushed me beyond my comfortable limits. Craig’s feedback was not always easy to receive, but it made me and my work better every time. I appreciate his diligence, faith in my work, and drive for excellence.

Note from Craig Hochbein:
As you were a student in my first class at Lehigh, I am sure we did not discuss how to conduct a propensity score analysis to strengthen internal validity of a study. Yet, your hard work since that class enabled you to not only deliver an excellent dissertation, but also provide information that can help educators and students. The image of more than 40 individuals virtually attending your defense will remain one of my most indelible memories from this historic time. Your work made us all proud. Congratulations, Dr. Babbin.

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