Create A Podcast

Create a Podcast

Assignment Sheet by Nicole Batchelor

For this assignment, you will create a podcast that explicitly distributes an argument from one of your unit essays. By explicit, I mean that you need to offer your claim, the reasons for your claim, and the evidence to support your claim. Your podcast should be 6-10 minutes. To prepare the podcast, you should first draft a design plan, wherein you will determine your audience and clearly outline the analyses your essay offered in support your thesis.

A good podcast communicates the message effectively and creatively, so you will use the requirements below to guide you in the customization of your podcast.


*Make sure that the podcast offers a statement of purpose that outlines the focus and talking points of the session.

*Carefully consider using the following to win over your audience: sound effects to help listeners visualize what is being described; intro music that sets a tone for the podcast; narration (e.g. create a persona), interview (e.g. first-hand opinions or expertise); ambient noise to give a sense of location; create an identity or signature for the podcast that clearly signals its niche audience; etc.  Be sure to select what will work best with your given subject matter and argument.

*Be sure that you have a clear and coherent beginning, middle, and end. Avoid repetition! Consider breaking things up into three or four sections to manage your time effectively; this way you’d have 2-3 minute blocks of time for each section.

*Do not read your essay. You need to be engaging and give the impression that you are spontaneous rather than scripted or unnatural. If you read from a script, then you may lose listeners because you sound bored by your own material. So be sure to emote well. You might consider where you can exclaim an idea, or inject a melancholy tone to convey a specific emotion. Be sure that you appeal to the listeners’ hearts and minds!