Gloria Naylor’s Works


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Articles, Essays, & Notes

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Unpublished Works

 M’Dear. 1985. Gloria Naylor Archive, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield CT, Box 42 Folder 1.

Candy. 1999. Gloria Naylor Archive, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield CT, Box 42 Folder 2.

Sapphira Wade. 2004. Gloria Naylor Archive, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield CT, Box 40 Folder 1. 

Parchman. undated. Gloria Naylor Archive, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield CT, Box 44 Folder 4. 

This list of Gloria Naylor’s works builds on Tracy Butts, “Gloria Naylor: A Select Bibliography,” Callaloo 23.4 (2000): 1497-1512. We are grateful to Tracy R. Butts, Ph.D., Professor, American and African American Literature, California State University, Chico, for permitting us to reproduce a portion of her bibliography here. Works that we have added to Professor Butts’s bibliography appear in red.