Our (Digital) Humanity: Storytelling, Media Organizing and Social Justice conference in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania  April 20-22, 2018.

We are no longer accepting session proposals but you may register to attend the conference here.


Six Tips for a Good Session Proposal:

  • A clear connection to at least one of the conference themes: digital humanities, media-based organizing, storytelling and social justice. The Allied Media Projects defines “Media-based organizing” as “any collaborative process that uses media, art, or technology to address the roots of problems and advance holistic solutions towards a more just and creative world.
  • A diversity of structures such as panels, roundtable discussions, skill shares, academic paper presentations, performances, games or participatory workshops. Better yet if they are hands-on, creative, imaginative, and fun.
  • A good session will result in tangible resources, concrete skills or strategic next steps.
  • We are looking for sessions that value the expertise of people most impacted by a problem to solve that problem. We are excited about sessions that are place-rooted in Bethlehem, the Lehigh Valley, and other small-deindustrialized cities or from places that will have something to learn from and share with Lehigh Valley residents.
  • Sessions should create collaboration and connection. We love sessions designed by multiple organizations or individuals and that build collaborative relationships that extend beyond the conference.
  • Accessibility for people of diverse abilities, experiences, ages, and backgrounds. Use clear language and activities that are accessible to people of all abilities.  When you submit your proposal, you will specify if the audience is for beginners, everyone or advanced.  We want to offer a range of learning opportunities: from beginner to advanced.