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Full Conference Program 

Schedule Overview

Conference sessions are organized around shared themes or “tracks”. Each session will fall under one of the following seven tracks:

Digital Scholarship Track

Digital scholarship has grown dramatically in the humanities in recent years — humanists have been engaging data, mapping, and visualizations to online archives and media production in their research and teaching. It’s been especially exciting to see the growth of work at the intersection of public humanities, digital scholarship, media organizing and social justice.

Our Voices, Our Stories, Our Valley Track

The Lehigh Valley sits on the ancestral land of the Lenape peoples.  Today diverse groups of people make up the urban centers and surrounding rural and suburban places that are situated around the Lehigh River.  Many people are engaged in envisioning a just future in the Valley and this track is a chance for Lehigh Valley residents to tell our stories and raise our voices.

Vidas Digitales Track

We have been told that digital technology and media breaks down walls and connects us all yet, we still live in a moment where there are threats to build more walls to continue to separate us.  This track offers a space for Spanish speakers and Latinx folks to scheme, dream and share about breaking down the walls that divide and building a participatory communication from the ground up.

En español:

Sabemos que la tecnología digital y los medios de comunicación cruzan las fronteras y permiten una conectividad a nivel global. A pesar de esto, vivimos en un momento en el que surgen nuevas amenazas de levantar paredes divisorias entre nosotros. De este modo, esta sección ofrece un espacio para que los hispanohablantes y gente Latinx puedan soñar, compartir e idear maneras de echar abajo las paredes que nos dividen y empezar a construir una comunicación participativa desde las bases comunitarias.

How-to- Workshops & Trainings Track

We are all media makers!  We believe it is important to demystify technology and, the tools to create and communicate should be in everyone’s hands.  Learning how to make media and use digital tools helps us to express ourselves, communicate with one another and build common knowledge; it can also provide us with essential job skills and prepare us for the growing digital and tech economy.

Digital Futures: Kids & Youth Track

We will build an inter-generational space where young people can both learn and teach.  In this track we aim to cultivate a space of play and imagination for people of all ages, with a special focus on youth.  Kids must be a part of our movements for social change!

Public Humanities Track

History, philosophy, art, media-making and popular culture can be catalysts for engaging in strategic public conversations about democracy, self-determination, identity and representation.  These forms are rooted in the issues, concerns, complexities and stories that are part of community-life.

Documentary Storymaking Track

Documentation, research, ethics and collaboration are core principles to Documentary Storymaking.  Documentary is a venue of both creative and artistic expression as well as testimony, truth telling, and narrative building- all of which can be employed in the struggle for social justice and human rights.