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In this season, we’re focusing on horror films from the United States and we’re asking ourselves what these female horror screams have to tell us about the world and a woman’s place in it. Each episode covers a particular type of scream and considers what that scream suggests about the social and political context in which it was created. Transcripts available upon request.


Show Notes are available for each episode and can be found by visiting the Explore the Screams page and selecting the appropriate category.

Find out what to expect in this season of When the Woman Screams, a podcast that examines the varied reasons why women scream in horror films. An exploration of how horror treats older women framed through three American films: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Strait-Jacket, and Lady in a Cage.
An exploration of grief and motherhood via three American horror films: Who Slew Auntie Roo, Friday the 13th, and The Curse of La Llorona. An exploration of sexual harassment framed by three American horror narratives: Office Killer, The Belko Experiment, and The Purge TV Series.
An exploration of coded queerness used to convey monstrosity through three seminal films: Dracula’s Daughter, Cat People, and Suddenly, Last Summer. An exploration of how American horror films are grappling with the era of Trump through three films: Black Christmas, Ready or Not, and The Invisible Man.