• ECE 450/CSE 450: Communications and Networking for Smart Grids

Semester Taught: Fall 2010-12, Fall 2014-17

Co-Instructor: L. Cheng (During 2010, 2012)

New graduate course on communications and networking technology needed for development of to- morrow’s Smart Grid. Topics covered: Introduction to power systems; electricity markets; introduction to networking; relevant networking protocols and standards; SCADA systems; cyber physical system control and security.

• ECE 450/CSE 450: Advanced Topics in Smart Grid Communication

Semester Taught: Spring 2011, Spring 2013

New graduate course for Ph.D. students considering smart grid research. Topics on future power networks for advanced graduate students interested in research on smart grids. Specific topics include introduction to smart grids; conceptual introduction to power systems; system stability, reliability and security. Of particular interests are roles of communications and networking in smart grids, e.g., in demand response, metering, sensor networks, system monitoring, security applications, electricity market interactions, etc.

• ECE 450: Mathematical Foundations of Communications and Signal Processing

Semester Taught: Spring 2012

New course for Ph.D. students designed to lay foundations for the mathematical tools often used and studied in advanced courses in the areas of communications and signal processing. Topics covered included linear algebra; probability theory; stochastic processes; optimization.

• ECE 450/CSE 497: Advanced Wireless Network Design and Analysis

Semester Taught: Spring 2009

Co-Instructor: M. C. Chuah

New graduate course on cognitive radio networks. Topics covered include: Spectrum sensing; radio resource allocation; multiple access; network formation; network coding; routing; security.

• ECE 450: Theory of Communication Networks

Semester Taught: Fall 2005

New advanced graduate course developed on the theoretical foundations of communication net- works. Topics covered: Protocol layering, queueing theory, performance analysis of media access protocols, routing theory.

• ECE 414: Detection and Estimation of Signals

Semester Taught: Fall 2004

Graduate course developed on signal detection and estimation theory. Topics covered: Hypothesis testing as applied to signal detection; various optimality criterion including Bayes and Neyman-Pearson and their applications in digital communications systems; optimum and locally optimum detection schemes for Gaussian and non-Gaussian noise; estimation of unknown signal parameters.

• ECE 450: Wireless Networks

Semester Taught: Fall 2003

New graduate course developed on several important and emerging aspects of wireless network theory. Topics covered: Performance and protocols in present wireless networks; emerging research issues in wireless networking theory: cross-layer design, ad hoc networking, sensor networks, low power design, radio resource allocation schemes, etc.

• ECE 450: Wireless Networks II

Semester Taught: Spring 2004

New graduate research seminar course developed on latest advances in wireless networking theory.

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• ECE 341/441: Fundamentals of Wireless Communications

Semesters Taught: Spring 2003, Spring 2005, Fall 2006, Fall 2007, Fall 2009-12, Spring 2015

A new course developed for senior undergraduate and first-year graduate students on the basics of wireless communications and networking. Topics covered: Cellular concept; radio propagation; modulation, equalization, coding, and diversity-combining for wireless communications; cellular standards; wireless data systems.

• ECE 125: Circuits and Systems

Semesters Taught: Spring 2007 – 2010, 2017 – 2018

Co-Instructor: C. Holzinger (2007)

Core junior course focused on the application of signals and systems theory. Topics covered: Formulation of linear circuit equations in the time and frequency domain; complete solutions of difference and differential equations; network theorems; basic stability and feedback concepts; modulation theory, sampling theory and basic digital signal processing ideas.

• EMC 165: Computer and Network Engineering

Semester Taught: Spring 2005

Co-Instructor: M. C. Chuah

New and novel undergraduate Engineering Minor course designed to educate non-engineering students on basics of computer and network engineering. Topics covered: Protocol design, analog to digital conversion, binary operations, packet and circuit switching, history and economics of telecommunications.

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