Welcome Lehigh Alumni!

Class of 1914 graduated a century ago in June 1914 and the Brown and White cover the graduation by putting the class photo on the front page and cordial editorial.

Class of 1914 at Packer Hall entrance



The editor of the B&W welcomed Lehigh Alumni to the campus with these words: “College Spirit is the name commonly given to this almost indescribable loyalty which expresses all that an institution means to one. If the graduates have not got this how can it be possible for the large classes of undergraduates to get it? But the Alumni do have it and their coming back at this time is proof of it and also is a means of demonstrating it to those attending college. 

The Alumni are the moving force of a college”

Forty-nine years later some members of the Class attended “All Class Reunion” that was honored Lehigh’s 100th Anniversary in June 1965.


Class of 1914 at Centennial Reunion, 1965




This weekend Lehigh is celebrating the graduation of the Class of 2014 and remembering the great Class of 1914!

Welcome Lehigh Alumni!

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