Legally Basic or Legally Experienced Track?

One of the special features of the Symposium is that it provides two parallel tracks for the sessions between the opening keynote dinner and the Friday closing session.

Q: Should I choose the Legally Basic track or the Legally Experienced track?

A: The legally basic track provides a comprehensive exploration of various foundational principles of special education law, such as eligibility, FAPE, LRE, discipline, and remedies. The legally basic track is intended for teachers, graduate students, parents, and others with no or limited previous coursework or experience in special education law (as distinguishable from special education practice). The legally experienced track provides the nuances sought by experienced special education directors, due process hearing officers, and attorneys. This track provides the latest updates on specialized topics, with the assumption that the participants already possess a comprehensive foundation in special education legal issues.

Q: If I’m unsure or change my mind, can I move back and forth between the two tracks?

A: Yes, for those not participating in the Symposium for graduate credit. In contrast, those taking it for credit must stay within one track, because the exams are based upon the lecture material in the respective tracks.

Q: Given that the symposium is now virtual with recorded sessions, will I have access to both the Legally Basic and Legally Experienced recordings?

A: Yes, your registration includes access to both, thus nearly doubling the accessible content.

Q: Who can provide me with assistance or advice, if needed, for this decision?

A: Please contact Symposium co-director Dr. James Newcomer by e-mail at, or by phone: (215) 536-8578.