Dr. Gonzalez-Fernandez selected as a Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting Young Scientist

Tomas Gonzalez-Fernandez, an assistant professor of bioengineering, has been selected to participate in the 72th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting (LINO23) this summer in Germany.


Gonzalez-Fernandez was nominated as LINO23 Young Scientist by the University of California, where he was a postdoctoral fellow in the Leach Laboratory at UC Davis before joining the Rossin College faculty in January 2022.

First lab winter get together!!

Also celebrating the end of the first semester for the lab grad students Lisette Werba, Josh Graham and Chiebuka Okpara!

Isabella Federico awarded with the Clare Boothe Luce Undergraduate Research Award

Congratulations to TGF Lab undergraduate researcher Isabella Federico for being awarded with the Clare Boothe Luce Undergraduate Research Award, offered on behalf of the Henry Luce Foundation and the Rossin College. The Clare Boothe Luce Program supports women seeking to study or teach science, engineering, and mathematics. It is awarded to those with excellence and motivation in academics and research during their undergraduate studies. As a Scholar, Isabella will receive support for two years of academic research and fulfill a summer research assistantship with Professor Tomas Gonzalez-Fernandez on implementing the CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing system to musculoskeletal tissue regeneration and include 3D-bioprinting graft applications.

The TGF Lab at Lehigh University

Welcome to the Tomas Gonzalez-Fernandez (TGF) lab at Lehigh University!

The vision of the TGF Research Group is to engineer novel 3D printable cell-instructive biomaterials to drive tissue an organ regeneration in degenerative diseases. Our specific focus is the repair of musculoskeletal tissues (bone and cartilage) and skin, and how we can learn from the pathology of degenerative diseases such as arthritis and diabetes to develop smart tissue engineering strategies that lead to effective regeneration.