Dr. Nicole (Nic) L. Johnson, an Assistant Professor in the College of Education at Lehigh University, coordinates The Resistance Lab. The Resistance Lab is comprised of Dr. Johnson, along with masters-level and doctoral students, although undergraduate students, and community members are welcome to join. To learn more about our team members, please browse our About the Current Team. Follow the Resistance Lab on Instagram and Facebook @TheResistanceLab and X (Twitter) @Resistance_Lab. 

The Resistance Lab was founded on the idea that we can end gender-based violence through feminist consciousness-raising, high-quality research, empirically supported and culturally sensitive programming, and system-level change. The Resistance Lab strives to work collaboratively with other researchers, clinicians, and community members to provide education about gender-based violence.

**We at the Resistance Lab stand in solidarity with the BLM and Stop AAPI Hate movements. See our statement and commitment to anti-racism here