Welcome to The Young Lab!

As physical chemists, we are interested in how molecular structure influences the properties of molecules. Specifically, we study molecules that absorb light and use that energy to carry out interesting and relevant reactions. We are interested in using light because of its application to solar energy. The sun is an abundant energy source. We are trying to help figure out interesting ways use it!

The power of spectroscopy can be applied to many chemical and physical investigations. Specifically, we are interested in the rational design, synthesis and spectroscopic study of molecular model proton-coupled electron transfer (PCET) systems for which experimental observations can be used by theoreticians to continue development of a unified PCET theory. Additionally, we are interested in understanding charge separation dynamics in light-absorbing materials relevant to type II (D-A) photovoltaic systems and translating that to solar cell performance.

  • Photo of the laser laboratory in the Young Lab at Lehigh University.
    Photo of the laser laboratory in the Young Lab at Lehigh University.

Professor Young is featured in the new Atkins Physical Chemistry 12th edition textbook — People and Perspectives. Promo video is here (you’ll have to buy the textbook to see the full interview)!

Prof. Young helps to organize the 84th Inter-collegiate Chemistry Conference.

Prof. Young Highlighted in the Lehigh Bulletin explores “The Fundamentals of Solar Energy.