Choosing friends when you are abroad(away from home)

We all know how important it is to have people who make you happy. And we call them friends. Friends become especially important when you are away from your family.

We all have heard this “a friend in need is a friend indeed”, but do we adopt it? A few people, yes. Not so sure about the others. It is very natural to have fights with friends because you may have different opinions and views. What is uncommon is to understand each others’ feelings when those fights happen.

Running away or falling apart, i.e., breaking friendships with misunderstanding is common. And in such cases, there is always one person who is not ready to put effort. Therefore, the trick to not be in such a situation is to identify these people who in the future will never agree to listen to your side and not be friends with them.

From my experience in the USA, I have experienced such a fallout by two friends, one being of the same nationality and the other being from a different country. Both of these people just refused to listen and talk it out. The person from a different nation still maintained dignity and did not cause any harm, just broke ties. The other person who was from the same country made a scenario that feels similar to being kicked out of your own house.

Here is the catch, we never make any official agreement with friends for example when we go out for dinner, movies, trips, etc., we think its mutual understanding that friends will pay his/her expense. In my case, it was the house.

I had heard in movies/series (e.g., social network) do not have business deals with friends. At least not with this type of friends who are going to be the opposite of “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. I feel that it is correct to avoid any fallouts.

Please choose friends wisely or just do not get in business without an official contract!

Mindset of Negative People

The famous saying “Don’t worry about what’s others think of you” is very important in today’s time.

The world has become much closer through the internet than ever before. From my personal experience, I have met a range of people, one with a mindset wherein they do not talk ill or magnify bad qualities of others, the most important they do not discuss someone’s problem in their absence and another group wherein they only talk ill or discuss someone’s life (their friends or any famous person) with other people.

“Talking about a person in their absence is itself a wrong thing”. This is because everyone’s brought up is different, their home environment is different but for this to understand you need to have a proper understanding of social life balance. It’s very easy to gossip about a person’s problems when they are not present but that’s not correct.

These kinds of negative people get thrilled, energy, and happiness which by itself develop negative energy around them, and when you are present around such people it does affect your thinking.

And these negative people will not change and this shows how they are brought up by their parents. The only way to decrease such people is to make them realize that it’s wrong and if they do not stop, we just walk away from the conversation.

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Step 1:

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Opinions, are they hurtful?

We have listened many times that do not worry about what other people think of you, but can we actually do that? in my experience how much ever I try to filter out negative opinions, some do pass through the wall and affects my peaceful mind. If you take a minute and just stop go through your life, you will realize that someday or other we did had a bad opinion about a person whom we never interacted.

So it’s like what you did in the past came to us back but with interest. So let just practice a good thing and shut our mind or just reduce our time in thinking bad/negative things others and wait for the same thing come back to us in the future. We always can only hope about the good phase of life in the future.

Just don’t stop practicing or trying, someday some luck will surely turn bad phase to good phase.


Hello everyone,


Relations are important. Most pure form of relationship is friendship. One should always have friends who don’t treat friendship as just one side receiving thing.

It should always be shoulder to shoulder support. A friend should always be there when his friend needs him.

One should always listen to his friend when the bond is very strong. There may be situation when our friend knows something which we will never know for example marriage or may be a business deal.

This people whom I am talking about takes time to find and trust them so much.

So if you are sitting and reading this just call or text your one such friend and say him/her how much important they are to  you because life is short guys.

See you next week.



A word often redefined by people again and again with same intention to convey others how important it is to live in moment of life.

I have been fortunate to have a space in this infinite web to share what I have experienced in my journey through this space.


Wait for my next post. Keep Smiling