Cultural Placemaking

This project collected interviews from Lehigh Valley artists between 2016-2017, exploring the role that local artists play in Bethlehem's past, present and future. The project emerged from conversations between local artists and individuals from Lehigh University, and was designed to document how small, local artists and artistic organizations have fared in the recent past in Bethlehem. This collection highlights the value of local artists' work, and showcases how that work extends beyond the theater, screen, canvas and stage, to enrich the community as a whole.
This project was supported in part by the Lehigh University Mellon Digital Humanities Initiative.

Artistic Direction and Community Outreach: Doug Roysdon & Anna Russell
Faculty Advisor: John Pettegrew
Film Crew: Avi Setton, Anna Russell, Kevin Kirner
Lead Researcher and Interviewer: Alison Kanosky
Interviewers and Researchers: Anna Russell, Doug Roysdon
Jason Slipp, Kevin Kirner, Lance Armstrong