Welcome to the Bio Nano  Interface Lab at Lehigh University

Our primary research interest is Micro/NanoEngineering for Biology and Medicine, in particular, using combined experimental and computational approaches to characterize the interfacial phenomena at the micro/nano scale and in biological systems. Examples include lab on chip devices for biomedical application, fluid-structure interaction, particulate and multiphase flow, blood rheology, biomedical device (artificial heart, valves, stents, etc) design, electromagnetic manipulation of bio-nanoparticles, DNA sequencing in functionalized nanopores, etc. Current efforts focus on two emerging applications of bio-nanotechnology: Nanomedicine and Biosensing which involves micraofluidics, multiscale modeling, biofluid mechanics, image-based simulation, MEMS fabrication, 3D printing, nanoparticle adhesion dynamics, and cell manipulation.

LVHN trying cancer blood test developed by Lehigh University professor

Between CT scans in July and December, Stephen Kauffman's kidney cancer went from undetectable to widely spread in his brain, femur, liver, stomach lining and vertebrae. "All of a sudden, it's all over the place," said Kauffman, a Harleysville, Montgomery County resident. Despite advances in cancer treatment stretching life expectancy from months to years in many cases, doctors haven't found a...