Pu, Tiancheng

Tiancheng Pu

Areas of Research

Heterogeneous Catalysis
Surface Science
Green Chemistry & Energy

Selected Publications & Presentations

1. Y. Yao, Z. Huang, P. Xie, S. D. Lacey, R. J. Jacob, H. Xie, F. Chen, A. Nie, T. Pu, M. Rehwoldt, D. Yu, M. R. Zachariah, C. Wang, R. S. Yassar, J. Li, L. Hu, Carbo-Thermal Shock Synthesis of High Entropy Alloy Nanoparticles. Science, 2018, 359, 1489-1494.
2. P. Xie, T. Pu, A. Nie, S. Hwang, S. Purdy, W. Yu, D. Su, J. Miller and C. Wang, Nanoceria Supported Atomic Platinum Catalysts for Direct Methane Conversion. ACS Catal. 2018, 5, 4044-4048.
3. C. Li, D. Raciti, T. Pu, L. Cao, M. Chi, K. L. More, C. Wang and T. Mueller, Improved Prediction of Nanoalloy Structures by the Explicit Inclusion of Adsorbates in Cluster Expansions. J. Phys. Chem. C 2018, 31, 18040-18047.
5. Chan, T. Pu, X. Chen, A. James, J. Lee, J. B. Parise, D. H. Kim and T. Kim, Effect of niobium oxide phase on the furfuryl alcohol dehydration. Catal. Commun., 2017, 97, 65–69.
6. J. Li, R. Wei, T. Pu, F. Cao, L. Yang, Y. Han, Y Zhang, J. Zuo and Y. Song, Tuning quantum tunnelling of magnetization through 3d–4f magnetic interactions. Inorg. Chem. Front., 2017, 4, 114–122.
  • Oral presentation: 254th ACS national meeting at Washington DC                                                                 Effect of Adsorption Compression in Catalytic NO Decomposition.                                       Aug, 2017
  • Poster presentation: Catalysis Club of Philadelphia
    Effect of Adsorption Compression in Catalytic NO Decomposition.                                       Nov, 2017
  • Poster presentation: 2018 Annual Symposium Catalysis Society of Metropolitan New York            Platinum Single Atom Catalysts for Direct Methane Conversion.                                           Mar, 2018


Tiancheng Pu is currently working under the supervision of Prof. Israel Wachs on silver catalyzed ethylene epoxidation reaction. The project is a NSF funded joint project between Prof. Wachs and Prof. Rangarajan‘s groups. The goal of this research project is to apply advanced spetroscopies as well as computational methods to study the performance of silver as the unique catalyst for ethylene epoxidation reaction and the functions of several key promoters. Tiancheng is also interested in surface chemistry and characterizations of alloy nanoparticles.
Tiancheng came to the US in 2011 and studied chemical engineering at Stony Brook University. He developed the research interest in heterogeneous catalysis during his undergraduate career in Dr. Taejin Kim’s lab. Following the completion of his bachelor’s degree, Tiancheng began his MSE career in Dr. Chao Wang’s nano energy lab in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering department at The Johns Hopkins University. His research focus is on advanced catalysts at nano and subnano scale for future energy and environmental sustainability.
Outside lab Tiancheng enjoys basketball, cooking and traveling.