SHUR codebook

SHUR codebook

In 2018, we launched the Survey of the Health of Urban Residents, SHUR  (N=4,389).

SHUR is a web-based survey of adults ages 18 and older living in urban areas across the contiguous United States. It is a non-probability sample obtained by Qualtrics through leveraging multiple databases. SHUR oversampled African American and Latinx populations, and persons whose usual source of care is not a physician’s office.

The survey instrument was designed based on focus groups with Black men, Latinxs and immigrants in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Using conversations from the focus groups, we worked with community members to identify, develop, and refine measures of conditions and experiences that are salient to the health of racially marginalized populations. These conditions, as well as a range of health outcomes, are what constitute the SHUR.

Beginning in January 2021, SHUR data will be publicly available. Please complete this form to request access to the data.

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