ICRES uses multiple platforms to share its work and community. Our events include critical and informative Instagram Live chats with our research team, webinars, workshops, and the Research Rally series which includes creative and critical presentations from our team and prominent figures in the field of CRT and ES.

Puerto Rican/Latinx Studies in K-12  Workshop series (in partnership with Bethlehem Area School District)

Spring 2021

Antiracism in Book Selection: Focus on Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

Disrupting Latinx Literature in the Classroom

Fall 2020

Black Lives Matter in School: Focus on AfroBoricua/AfroLatinx Students

Puerto Rican/Latinx Studies in K-12: Contexts and Resources


Webinars on Inequities in COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Webinar_1:  Medical Mistrust and Racial Inequities in the Distribution and Uptake of COVID-19 Vaccines

Webinar_2:  Racism, Privilege and Cutting the COVID-19 Vaccine Line


Academic Freedom and Scholars of Color, IG Live with Dr. Sirry Alang and Dr. Marilisa Jimenez.


Research Rally: Advancing Critical Education through Ethnic Studies, keynote Dr. Sonia Nieto, featuring Dr. Marilisa Jimenez, Dr. Sirry Alang, Kevelis Matthews-Alvarado and Alissa Flores, September 2020



Student Artivism, IG Live with Alissa Flores and Kevelis Matthews-Alvarado, September 2020



No, You Didn’t Suddenly Become and Expert: Ethnic Studies as a Path to Ed Justice, IG Live with Dr. Marilisa Jimenez and Dr. Sirry Alang, July 2020

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Ethnic Studies as a path to education justice

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COVID Race and Our Communities, IG Live with Dr. Sirry Alang and Dr. Marilisa Jimenez, April 2020



Sponsored Panel: “The Color Line Belts the World: Race, US Empire, and Children’s Literature” organized and chaired by Dr. Lara Saguisag (CUNY, Staten Island) with panelists Dr. Ebony Elizabeth Thomas (UPENN), Alia Jones (Cincinnati Public Library, Caldecott Award Committee, 2019), Dr. Marilisa Jimenez (Lehigh University), and Dr. Sonia Alejandra Rodriguez (CUNY, Laguardia Community College). Introductions by graduate students Paige Pagan (Lehigh University) and Lidong Xiang (Rutgers University, Camden) , September 2020