About US

Our Mission

To engage in research, teaching, learning and transformative action grounded in anti-racism, anti-sexism, and anti-colonialism.

Who we are

We are an intellectual home for research that is grounded in the epistemologies and histories of Black, Indigenous and People of Color in the United States. Our work centers and implements frameworks, experiences and perspectives of communities of color in relationship to the world-wide struggles for rights and liberation.

We are a laboratory and an intellectual space for faculty and students to contemplate the role of Critical Race and Ethnic Studies in various fields, and vice versa, along with the role of Critical Race Theory and Ethnic Studies in transforming the US academy including its extension in K-12 education.

The Institute fosters rigorous theory-based and experiential learning and inquiry in core areas of education and health. Our intellectual commitments are poised to advance the translation of knowledge to inform policy and practice, made possible by strong external partnerships.

How we came to be

The Institute developed out of conversations between student leaders from the Black Student Union and Latino Student Alliance and faculty. These conversations were about ways to center the scholarship and experiences of students and faculty of color.

Statement on the Marcon Institute for Racial Justice Research

We have hired a postdoctoral fellow to work with the Health Justice Collaborative! Welcome Dr. Mary Mitsdarffer.

Event: Latinx Studies in PA: Research and Community Pathways РFriday, Oct. 15 

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We are currently looking for undergraduate digital archivists to expand the Lehigh Student Activism Archive!

Read full UG Digital Archivist Position Description here.