Day 14: Masongboh

Today, we went to a village on the outskirts of the main city of Makeni called Masongboh. There was a stark contrast between how we were welcomed in Masongboh versus in Rosanda the day before. Respondents were more than happy to answer our questions and were very friendly. We actually did not have a single person refuse to participate in an interview.

There were also some interesting characters we met in Masongboh, including a young student who wanted us to take his photo and name, despite us telling him that we didn’t need or want any personal information. We took his photo anyway because he seemed really excited about it (pictured below) :).

Although we were welcomed in the village, we didn’t get our highest numbers this day, with only 28 interviews. People were eager to give us a lot of details in their answers even though what we record on our tablets is all multiple choice, so it extended the survey time.

We broke the 200 survey mark yesterday and were feeling very excited and proud of how far we’ve gotten with only 3 weeks on the ground. Tomorrow we are taking a much needed break but stay tuned for details about our last day of surveying on Tuesday!!

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