Greg Reihman is Lehigh University’s Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services

As Vice Provost, Greg provides strategic, budgetary, and organizational leadership of Lehigh’s Library and Technology Services (an organization that includes Lehigh’s Libraries, Technology Services, and the CITL). In this role, he has been involved in innovative library space renovations, strategic planning and implementation, organizational development, budgetary planning, assessment, accreditation, student success initiatives, and collaboratively developing strategies for research computing, digital scholarship support, classroom planning, and online learning.


Greg also teaches in Lehigh’s Philosophy Department. He has taught freshman seminars, Introduction to Philosophy, Philosophy and  Technology, Philosophy East and West, Eastern Philosophy, Nineteenth-Century Philosophy (Hegel and Nietzsche), Philosophy of Film, Philosophy of Education, the Technology Research and Communication (TRAC) Writing Fellows Seminar and South Mountain College Seminar and Investigation courses.



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