Greg Reihman is Lehigh University’s Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services.

As Vice Provost, Greg provides strategic, budgetary, and organizational leadership of Lehigh’s Library and Technology Services (an organization that includes Lehigh’s Libraries, Technology Services, and the CITL). In this role, he has been involved in innovative library space renovations; strategic planning and implementation; organizational development; budgetary planning; assessment, accreditation, student success initiatives, and the collaborative development of strategies for research computing, digital scholarship support, classroom planning, and online learning.

Greg also teaches in the Philosophy Department. At Lehigh, he has taught first-year seminars, Introduction to Philosophy/Philosophical Questions, Philosophy East and West, Philosophy of Technology, Eastern Philosophy, Nineteenth-Century Philosophy (Hegel and Nietzsche), Philosophy of Film, Philosophy of Education, the Technology Research and Communication (TRAC) Writing Fellows Seminar, and South Mountain College Seminar and Investigation courses.

Greg graduated from Yale University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, with distinction in the major. After teaching English in China from 1993-4, he earned his Master’s Degree (1995) and then his Doctorate (2001) in Philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin, with his dissertation earning the departmental nomination for the university’s Outstanding Dissertation award and his teaching recognized by the Departmental Award for Teaching Excellence. From 1998 to 2004 he worked at Stanford University, teaching in and helping to administer the Introduction to the Humanities Program.

In 2004-5 Greg was a Mellon Faculty Research Fellow at the The University of Pennsylvania’s Humanities Forum, where he worked on a comparative study of dream arguments in Western and Chinese philosophical traditions. His philosophical research interests include the history of modern philosophy, 19th-century philosophy, classical Chinese philosophy, comparative philosophy, and philosophies of technology and education.

From 2013-2022 he was the Director of the Director of the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning.  In that role, he worked together with other faculty and staff to foster excellence in teaching and learning. The CITL includes the following areas: Faculty Development, Instructional Technology, Writing Across the Curriculum, Digital Scholarship, Research Computing, Distance Education & Online Operations, Learning Space Technology and Design. Greg has offered professional development workshops on a wide range of topics, including effective mentorship, active learning, project-based learning, fundamentals of effective teaching, teacher development for graduate students, inclusive teaching, effective integration of instructional technology, conducting classroom observations, digital humanities, principles of effective lecturing, and facilitating great discussions.

At Lehigh, he has also played a key role in several Strategic Planning and Middle States Accreditation processes. He is the co-captain of the “Lehigh User Experience” Strategic Planning Working Group and has been a leader in many of Lehigh’s teaching and learning initiatives, serving on the Steering Committee of the Mellon Digital Humanities Initiative, advisory board of the Creative Inquiry/Mountaintop Program, chairing the Online Learning Advisory Committee, started a Writing Across the Curriculum program, leading a project on Innovations in Teaching Large Lecture Courses, co-facilitating faculty seminars on Diversity and Social Justice and Global Citizenship, contributing to the development and implementation of South Mountain College, and serving as point person and pilot tester in explorations of new educational technology such as the integration of digital audio, podcasting, wikis, blogs, discussion boards, virtual realities, and project-based collaborative learning.

His wife Kristin is a family physician who works as the Medical Director of the Family Hope Center and in private practice.  They are the proud parents of four wonderful children, Mahlon, Baxter, Tula, and Xavier.

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