Poverty & Structural Inequalities

One of the articles in my tab “Current News” outlines that Sub-Saharan Africa needs more than just “quick fixes.” They need infrastructure and developmental changes in order to survive malaria endemic regions and with climate change getting worse, there is more of a need for starting steps/tools. It is true, there is so much poverty […]


It is so disheartening to learn about all the structural inequities people face in developing country, often in the control of white wealthy decision makers. I’m sure many people sit and think why does Sub-Saharan Africa suffer from infectious disease so drastically compared to the rest of the world. And honestly, it all boils down […]

Consumerism Culture

One thing I haven’t completely conceptualized globally is the consumerism that we see in the United States. I knew that this mass production was out of our means and that it was having damaging effects on the Earth, but I never knew it affected other countries as much. I remember in class my professor displayed […]

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi all! My name is Holly Guinan. I am currently a Senior at Lehigh University studying Biology and Health, Medicine, and Society. This blog is for my creative project for my Infections and Inequalities class where we study TB, HIV/AIDS, and malaria with an emphasis on Sub-Saharan Africa. While the rest of my website has […]