Welcome to my Blog!

Hi all! My name is Holly Guinan. I am currently a Senior at Lehigh University studying Biology and Health, Medicine, and Society. This blog is for my creative project for my Infections and Inequalities class where we study TB, HIV/AIDS, and malaria with an emphasis on Sub-Saharan Africa.

While the rest of my website has current news articles and factual cited sources, on this end of my website I will be giving more argumentative and opinion pieces surrounding malaria. Granted, I think everything I write is correct and backed by plenty of research, but since it is still a little ~biased~ it is in my blog section. Here you will find more information about social issues and the other factors that play into the disease, other than the disease itself. This includes climate change, environmental factors, poverty, consumerism, racism and more! So please take a minute to read and I hope you learn something new 🙂

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