Ronald A. Arif, Ph.D

Tansu Group Alumni


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* B.A.Sc.(1st class Hons.) in Materials Engineering
Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), May 2002

*Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering,
Lehigh University, 2008

Contact Information

Dr. Ronald A. Arif, Ph.D.
phone: (610) 758-2709

Short Biography

Ronald A. Arif was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, on July 1st, 1980. He received his high school diploma from SMU Bunda Hati Kudus (Jakarta, Indonesia) in May 1998. He earned his Bachelor’s degree (1st class honor) in Materials Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in May 2002. He then became a process engineer with Agilent Technologies, Singapore from Oct 2002 – Oct 2003, whose main responsibilities included growth of III-V semiconductor materials for optoelectronics devices. He started as a graduate student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, within the P. C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science at Lehigh University, since January 2004. His Ph.D. research areas cover the fundamental device physics, technology, epitaxy (MOCVD), and fabrication of semiconductor optoelectronics devices based on semiconductor nanostructures. His research works include fundamental studies and novel approaches to improve luminescence efficiency of visible gain media based on III-Nitride semiconductors for high efficiency LEDs and lasers. and solid state lighting applications. He previously worked on novel SbN-based (ie. InGaAsSbN) interdiffused quantum well (QW) gain media on GaAs substrate for 1300-1550-nm lasers and interdiffused InGaAsP quantum dot (QD) for 980-nm EDFA pump lasers. He completed his Ph.D. study on July 2008. He has published more than 45 conference and journal article papers before his graduation.