Jerome C. Licini

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Physics Department Associate Chair and Associate Professor of Physics
email, phone (610) 758-5137, fax (610) 758-5730
office: Room 214A (also Room 408), Lewis Laboratory (main Physics building)



My current research focuses on two areas: specific content-oriented instructional improvements, and general investigation of student experience and performance via quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Why is an empty shampoo bottle so easy to knock over?” Jerome C. Licini and Zijun (Allen) Yuan, The Physics Teacher, volume 58, page 220-221 (March 2020). Click here for actual journal appearance. Click here for preprint PDF.  Our video of this demonstration is available at: or on YouTube. (Collisions start at 2:40.) This research was featured as a Lehigh News “Campus Highlight – click here for story.  The American Institute of Physics featured this on their Inside Science news service and created a very engaging graphic and a two-minute animated video at these two pages: and Here are the direct links to the graphics and the video:  This was featured on the news service at:

“A Tilted-Axes Tool for Introductory Mechanics and Mathematics Courses” Jerome C. Licini, The Physics Teacher,  Vol. 56, November 2018 DOI: 10.1119/1.5064561. Click here for PDF.

TV appearance to discuss the “broomstick challenge” on WFMZ-TV 10 o’clock news broadcast, Tuesday February 11, 2020. Click here for video.

Prior research: Quantum transport in ultra-small semiconductor devices.  Three patents for electromagnetic non-contact wafer measurement. Click here for CV.


TO SELF-SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS WITH ME, simply click on this link to go to my Google Calendar. (You will need to start with your Lehigh email account, like “”. Then you will get to Lehigh’s Google Apps sign-in box where you use your standard Lehigh username (just the “abc123” part) and password.)  When you get to the calendar, click on the rectangular button that indicates your preferred time slot.  I usually post open slots on the SAME DAY or at most one day ahead, so please check back often. My office is LL214A or LL408.



Information for Physics 11 (Intro Mechanics and Thermo), Physics 21 (Intro E&M and Optics), Physics 072 (Adv. Topics in Intro. Physics).

From Prof. Dan Stryer at Oberlin College are two excellent pages:
Study Tips for Introductory Physics Students and Solving Problems in Physics
For faster downloading, I have local copies here:
Study Tips for Introductory Physics Students and Solving Problems in Physics

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