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social life

The social life at Lehigh is vibrant. There’s many opportunities to get involved in different organizations and clubs that will expand your social circle and opportunities.

With over 200 clubs on campus, live concerts with popular artists, campus traditions, free night-time events, and plenty of more activities, Lehigh students have the ability to get involved in many different ways on campus and make lots of friends at the same time.


F1RST Generation Fan Club

The First Generation Fan club is a network that seeks to connect first generation college students with faculty, staff and alumni at Lehigh who were first generation college students themselves or who are very interested in helping support those students who identify as first-generation while on their college journey. The network strives to provide engagement opportunities where community members can simply mingle with each other and build community, talk about career options, learn about internships, get academic support, learn about various research opportunities and many other things. All Fan Club members receive a virtual badge and/or a physical sticker of the logo that you can display so students can identity you in virtual and physical spaces around campus. 

Themed Community Housing

Themed Housing Communities provide an opportunity for first-year students to create an instant connection to peers, faculty, and staff with similar interests.

The First Generation community’s mission is to provide students with additional resources and communal support, all while celebrating the diversity and richness of each individual’s background. 

Gryphon Society

Gryphons are Lehigh University’s Resident Assistants!

If you become a Gryphon, you will get room and board for free, as well as get paid a stipend!

You would be managing and living in a dorm while also actively being a community builder, student mentor, and event planner for your hall. 

Orientation Leader

Beginning your sophomore year, you can apply to be an orientation leader with the Office of First Year Experience!

As an OL, you take incoming first-years through the August Orientation program, as well as, their first fall semester at Lehigh. You will be a role model who shows them what the Lehigh Family is!

Greek Life

The fraternity and sorority community has a long-standing history at Lehigh University. The purpose of these organizations is to develop students holistically across their founding principles that foster leadership, service, scholarship, integrity, and friendship.

The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs (OFSA) works with fraternity and sorority members to provide support alongside educational, cultural, and leadership development programs meeting their needs beyond the classroom.

Lehigh After Dark

Lehigh After Dark (LAD) helps create a vibrant campus nightlife by sponsoring a variety of social options that do not focus on alcohol.

LAD funds undergraduate student groups to create and host fun and exciting events that are held on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and are open to the entire campus community.

Clubs & Organizations

Lehigh has more than 200 student clubs and organizations of various interests, sizes, and purposes.

Browse through these videos to see campus-life outside of the classroom through the eyes of first generation Lehigh students.